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Mutation : UniShared is a powered by MakeSense project. It tries to tackle the fact that we share more and more information except in one field: education. The goal is to enable willing students, UniStars, to share their courses live over google docs and google hangouts. Other students from around the world can follow the course, enrich it and share their thoughts, comments, links, videos about it. 

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Edu’Hack’tion #3 will take place next week-end in Paris. Find out who will attend on the Facebook event or the meetup and register for Free on the Eventbrite to make sure your name is on the list.

Professor Norman Cornett from Canada will be our guest for this special day. We will experiment his innovative teaching methods and he will tell his story… 

The program will include the screening of a movie about him, a class-test led by Professor Cornett, a Hold-Up session and much more…

This event is coorganized with:

With love.

PS : more info on Professor Cornett:

The New Students, in partnership with the New Teachers from E.l@b have organized a second Edu’Hack’tion on Sunday the 18th of December 2011 at the Innovation Department of the French Red Cross.

It was a great occasion to have teachers meet students and work together to help education evolve. The event started with the projection of an inspiring documentary on how to teach differently. Then the group split into 2 creative workshops:

  • How to hack the teaching of Mathematics? with Math teacher Stéphanie
  • How to hack the teaching of Sustainable Development? with Geography teacher Caroline

We are currently working on how to make these Class-Tests (see glossary) happen. Testing them will be one of the New Student’s next events!

Please come to the LearnitLabs in Paris every Monday evening to follow the progress of this project and attend word class conferences on how to change the way we learn.


The New Students partenering with the New Teachers from E.l@b present:

New format:

Sunday 12/18: Creativity

with dynamic brainstorming workshops to design *Class-tests which are experimental courses that break the rules of what school should look like.

  • 1h of a demonstration *Class-test
  • 1h30 of creativity brainstorming to build others

Tuesday 12/20 and Thursday 12/22: Hands-On

we get things done and experiment with the *Class-tests that have been created that Sunday by mixed teams of teachers/students. These *Class-tests will be open to everyone and will take place in the evening from 19h to 20h30 on Tuesday the 20th and Thursday the 22nd of December.

To join us and know how to get to the French Red Cross Headquarters (its IES team is hosting us), register on our Facebook event or our Meetup event.

See you there!

* What the heck is a Class-test???

A video example:

Partners :


Good News from Paris!

The french ministry of research just decided to give NightScience some money to organize a student contest to engage them in developing learning through research projects including scientific discovery games such as Fold-it. The Paris science museum Universcience has agreed to host the event. It will give visibility to initiatives that students will come up with to the millions of visitors they have every year.

During the Edu’Hack’tion #1, students had contributed on that application for funds. During the NightScience Track, a dozen of Edu’Hackers helped by designing a series of events to incubate the competing NightScience teams.

If you are interested in being part of the organization team or volunteering for NightScience, contact us at


So what happened on Sunday in the end ? Here is the debriefing.

The first Edu’Hack’tion happened on Sunday the 18th of September 2011 at ESCP-Europe, from 10 AM to 18 PM.

The event gathered 50 students and teachers for 3 Hold-Ups and 2 Tracks. 

The goal of the initiative was to

• Promote Innovation in Education 

• Create a community of students and teachersaround this common goal

This Edu’Hack’tion has been organized by :

  • Klem : Tib, does something bother you ?
  • Tib : Yeah, I get totally *schboing* to death at school !
  • Klem : And Tib... Why are you *schboing* to death at school ?
  • Tib : Well, it's totally passive ! I'm at the back of a lecture hall and there's a teacher who reads his book to me. I'd love to be active, to get to do things !
  • Klem : So, simply put, education today is really *schboing*. What do we do ?
  • Tib : You tell me, what do we do ?
  • Klem : What do we do ?